See what travelers and tour operators say about us:
John Freedman was the icing on the cake! His lectures made this cruise very special."
- P.McLean and J. Owen
Asia Ports of Call 
"Outstanding talks! He was clear, concise, and entertaining. Very informative and motivating."
- Nanette Lapides
Bangkok to Beijing Cruise

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your great work in making the Cuba trip a wonderful success. Your knowledge of Cuba is so impressive. It was a privilege and pleasure! "

- Prof. Rosemarie Gnam
American Museum of Natural History

Fantastic lectures! Especially enjoyed the Azores lectures as well as your ‘Big History’ series.

Thank you very much.

Charles E. Pope II MD

"John and Tina made the tour. It was a joy watching them work together."

-Edward Kinney,
El Cerrito, CA
National Geographic Expeditions

"What made this cruise special were the 1 hour sessions from the Enrichment Lecturer, Dr. John Freedman. He has vast experience in the region and provided insights into the history and culture of each country visited. This allowed us to better understand and appreciate the places we visited."

- posted by 'Southwinds'

Bolsover Cruise Club online forum

"Outstanding job. Our thanks for a wonderful experience! "
-Jay & Joan Corley
Natl Geographic Expeditions

Dear John,

Just a quickie to say my heartfelt thanks for your contribution 

during the time you were aboard. You really enhanced the guests’ experience.

I do hope our paths cross again.

Ray Solaire

Cruise Director

Regent Seven Seas

" John Freedman was excellent company, dependable, dedicated, and cheerful. John has a special gift for creating an air of good fellowship among his groups. I'm glad I got a chance to meet him."

-James Sullivan

National Geographic Expert,

Hue, Vietnam

" I want to compliment you on the excellent way in which you conducted the orchestra. I certainly enjoyed the trip."

-Rudolph Weingartner 
Pittsburgh, PA
Columbia Univ Alumni Travel

"Superb organization and leadership by Dr. and Mrs. Freedman. Everything appeared to take place effortlessly. Thanks for making it all come true so pleasantly!"

-Patricia Margand

Scarsdale, NY

National Trust Tours

"John and Tina were terrific! "

-Margo Light

Kalamazoo, MI

Smithsonian Journeys

"We loved being with you and feel incredibly fortunate to have had you as our leader."

-Patricia Matson

New York, NY -

Yale Alumni Association

"It was indeed a treat traveling with you."

-Willie K. Friar

Panama City, Panama

Stanford Alumni Association

"John was the best! He handled everything with assurance and a smile."

-Jane Grant

National Geographic Expeditions

"John Freedman was excellent. I would like to go on another trip with him.

-Sigrun Kaufman

New York, NY

National Geographic Expeditions

"You are a traveling companion extraordinaire! and nothing would please us more than to share another adventure with you!"

-Edna & Bill English, Higham,MA

Smithsonian Journeys

You are a lecturer without equal - you take history and geography to a new level and make every destination come alive for us! 
Regent Seven Seas Voyager
"John is the best tour leader we have ever encountered."
-Stanley Asrael
Silver Springs, MD
Smithsonian Journeys
"John Freedman was well-informed on culture and food. He was most articulate throughout."
-Kane Rufe, Las Vegas, NV
Smithsonian Journeys
The lectures you presented were extraordinarily interesting, entertaining and informative.

If you decide to market the recordings, I am interested. 

Thank you."

-Doug P
Regent Seven Seas Voyager
Singapore-to-Hong Kong  2017

Thank you so much for your lectures on this cruise- we enjoyed them immensely and have learned so much. An entertaining and 
informative addition to our cruise!
Lisa A & Jack U

" We are still raving about our Japan trip. The time with you in Takayama was one of our special treats on any trip. Thank you again and again - we loved the trip!"
-Lois Jamart
Menlo Park, CA
Stanford Alumni Association
"John, Thanks again for the superlative work you do on our behalf - this truly was a "dream team"!
-Lauren Szymanoski
Smithsonian Journeys
"What can I say but a big THANKS!"
-Alan Brigish
The Brigish Collection
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours
"Words cannot express my feelings about Cuba and your leadership of the group. We had a wonderful trip and your leadership was essential to its success- Gracias, gracias, gracias y mas!"
-Corinne Dixon Holt,
Tacoma, WA
America Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours
"We were really thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy your expertise and company. The experience was more than enough to go with you anywhere."
-Juan Hernandez, MD
Woodbridge, CT
Yale Alumni Association
"The trip was grand. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, listening to you, having fun with you. I've had some very nice notes from Smithsonian passengers who really enjoyed all aspects of the trip...much thanks to you."
-Binney Levine
Washington, DC
Smithsonian Host
"John Freedman was extraordinary."
-Jacqueline McCoy
Host, National Trust Tours
I am avid follower of your wonderful lectures and would like to congratulate you on your colorful and interesting presentations.
Christian Prosl
Insignia World Cruise
"The warmth of your charisma and the appropriateness of your attitude have increased our knowledge as well as our confidence in a better future-
on behalf of all my Cuban colleagues I would like to express my gratitude to you."
-Dr. Jose Santos Gracia
Havana, Cuba

You are a lecturer without equal - you take history and geography to a new level and make every destination come alive for us! 

Regent Seven Seas Voyager
Dear John,
Thanks again for your very thought-provoking and informative lectures. 
We hope our paths cross again soon,
Frank & Barbara Prineppi
I want to thank you for providing us with a virtual college education on our two cruise legs. We also enjoyed your company and appreciate your generosity in sharing your insights.
Stephen Manes
I thoroughly enjoy your lectures - so much that I watch them again on TV!
Thank you,
Joe Heery

So enjoy your lectures!!!! We have learned from you how much we really did NOT know about Asia!
Many thanks,
Diane & Lou Costanzo
Thank you for your superb lectures  - we have thoroughly enjoyed being beneficiaries of your second career!
Mark Stein
We have attended all your lectures and feel very enriched as a result!
Thank you,
Jennifer Wilkinson

"Really enjoyed your Magellan lectures on the Marina in South America!"
Chester & Linda N

"Vietnam's Long Road to Nationhood" was an EXCELLENT lecture - hugely impressed with content and delivery. Never bored!!!
Thank you,
John B

Thank you for making this cruise a wonderful learning experience - truly your lectures have been not only outstanding but also most enjoyable.
Berenice Ronthal

Scholar At Sea® 

"Dr. John Freedman was the best shipboard lecturer we have ever had the privilege to listen to."

- Douglas A

Silver Shadow South China Sea cruise

(Venetian Society- 47 cruises) 

"We have enjoyed your lectures beyond words - Thank you for adding to the pleasure of our trip!!"

Sherri & Jerry Hodenfield

Silver Shadow - Singapore-Hong Kong

"Re John Freedman, Special Guest Lecturer:  

You couldn't have chosen a better speaker - and such an expert on our ports and their history. 

No wonder he packed the theater!"

-Linda Benatar

Dear John,
You are the best! - and I am so thankful for all you did during the voyages. Your lectures were perfect for our itineraries and attracted record numbers to the lounge. Please know I appreciated everything you did!!
Dottie Kulasa
Cruise Director, Oceania Nautica

"You did a great job crystallizing an enormous amount of information into a relevant and captivating presentation!"
-Susannah Dameron
World Leaders Travel Symposia

Dear Dr. Freedman,
We are a group of Houstonians greatly enjoying our cruise of southeast Asia on the Nautica and among the highlights has certainly been your very stimulating lectures. Our discussions have all been greatly enhanced by the information we received in your lectures. Thank you very much,
John Cater
Houston, TX

"I truly enjoyed your lectures. I was born in Hong Kong but have been living in Canada since 1969. Your talks helped me to learn so much more about China, Hong Kong, and the surrounding countries. Thank you."
Sally Lee
Vancouver B.C

National Geographic Asia Studies Expert Dr. John Freedman gave an erudite introduction to the ancient Khmer Empire, reminding us of the glories of the great civilization that climaxed in the 12th century. John highlighted the achievements of four Khmer "god-Kings" who spanned six centuries of Khmer domination in Southeast Asia. He went on to describe the equally dramatic fall of Angkor."
- D. Gordon Longmuir
Former Canadian Ambassador to Cambodia
Lindblad Expeditions Cultural Specialist

You are an inspiring teacher!
-Fred Spilkin

We have greatly enjoyed your presentations- we feel very fortunate that we were on this cruise with someone so knowledgeable as you.
- Terry & Brenda Young
Victoria, BC Canada

"We just wanted to let you now that your excellent presentations have been a real highlight of our cruise from Bangkok to Whittier, Alaska. We feel very fortunate to have been on this particular voyage with you as the featured "Scholarship-at-Sea" lecturer. Our knowledge and understanding have been greatly enriched!"

-Donna & Ken Bucholz

Duncan, British Columbia

Thank you for your wonderful and informative lectures during our cruise!

Tim W


We gave attended to all your seminars and enjoyed them a lot. They have made our cruise much more interesting. Many thanks.


We have enjoyed and learned so much from your lectures. - Thanks!
Lainie J

I have very much enjoyed your lectures which provide a fascinating insight into Asian history. Thank you!

Stacey Z


My husband and I have been on the SS Voyager since Singapore and we have enjoyed your lectures immensely.


Mercedes A

" John & Tina, Thanks for a creative, caring and ultra-professional job. We are very grateful for the exceptional leadership you both provided."

-Herman and Mary Kay Knieriem

Pittsboro, NC

Smithsonian Journeys

"John - I thought your presentations were terrific - and  a model of what effective presentations should be like. Thank you.

- George Vogt

Thank you for your remarkably sophisticated yet supremely entertaining presentations. This is certainly the finest offering we have seen - and we have been on many 5-star educational trips. You have truly met your goal of "providing rich context" - and we thank you.


Hilary S

Wonderful series of lectures from Singapore to Abu Dhabi - most appreciated!

Richard Parker 

" You really enriched my cruise. You

are one of the best lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to (only one other gives you competition) - and I have been on over 45  cruises!"

-Neil O'Leary

Vancouver, B.C. 


" It was really wonderful traveling with you. You have a deft touch with people and it brings out the best in them. "

-Norm Robinson, PhD

Organization Representative,

Stanford Alumni Association

" Hi John, We are attempting to force our way through jet lag and everything seems hazy these last few days - one thing that is not hazy is how much we enjoyed your lectures and how they enriched our trip! 

Thank you and best regards,

Phyllis Conway

Silver Shadow - Hong Kong-Tokyo

Thank you for your remarkably sophisticated yet supremely entertaining presentations. This is certainly the finest offering we have seen - and we have been on many 5-star educational trips. You have truly met your goal of "providing rich context" - and we thank you.


Hilary S


" Deb and I thoroughly enjoyed your informative, well thought-out, and very well-prepared lectures. We've never had better talks in all our cruising. The fact that you made time to chat personally with passengers in the atrium after lectures was a first for us, and you were so cordial to everyone. Thank you once again for a wonderful cruise experience."

-Ed & Deb St. John

Grass Valley, CA

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I have enjoyed your lectures immensely.
Mary Delouvrier

Your lectures were the highlight of this cruise.

I am copying our dear friends back home in Richmond, in the hope of enticing them to join us on a future trip with you. Thank you again.


I am really enjoying your lectures!  Asia was the great unknown for me but I now look at the colorful gods and goddesses with new respect and a touch of knowledge, thanks to your lectures both about Hinduism and Buddhism. Thank you again and I look forward to more fascinating lectures.

Maxine O

LOVING your lectures!

Julie S


Thank you for your GREAT series of lectures! They were incredibly useful putting matters into perspective before we arrived at each port. 

Paul C

Thank you for all your wisdom, intellectual stimulation, and passion for what you do. I studied Buddhism in a 500-hour training program and I don't remember my understanding ever being so clear! Thank you  - I am most grateful.


Lenore Fusano

"John was very, very good at all times."
-Larry & Judy Godrey
Abilene, TX
MIT Alumni Association

"The trip was wonderfully managed by the superbly organized and generous John Freedman."

-Michael Miller, Bethesda, MD

Stanford Alumni Association

Thank you for all your wisdom, intellectual stimulation, and passion for what you do. I studied Buddhism for a 500-hour training program and my understanding was never this clear! - Thank you - I am most grateful.


Lenore Fusano

Thank you for all your wisdom, intellectual stimulation, and passion for what you do. I studied Buddhism for a 500-hour training program and my understanding was never this clear! - Thank you - I am most grateful.


Lenore Fusano

"Overall I'd rate this trip an A+ with thanks due in large measure to Dr. John Freedman."

-Gary Schaer, MD

Chicago, IL


"Thanks again for making the trip so much more interesting with all your lectures!"

-Bill & Erica Sarouhan

Truckee, CA

"As you know, all the ports were incredible, John Freedman's lectures so enlightening, and the group was so delightful. A great big THANK YOU!!"

- Estelle & Scott Hartman

(on Cruise Critic message board)

Agoura Hills, CA

We have enjoyed all your lectures so much. Thank you and I hope we will see you on another cruise!

Jane H

Your lectures are OUTSTANDING - so approachable for people who don’t have much background, and so enriching for those who do.
Thanks so much,
Sandy T

" John Freedman was an exceptional talent."
-James Lare, Coronado, CA
National Trust Tours
"Tina & John, Thank you both for all of your work which made the trip seamless and very enjoyable for all of our passengers."
-Susan Ritterpusch, Washington DC
Smithsonian Journeys, Organizational Host
We have so much enjoyed your lecture series and thank you so much for your many interesting presentations. They have certainly helped us understand the history, geography and politics of the area. We also like the input from your medical background.
Thanks you so much,
Marilyn and Bob B

Many thanks for all your hard work in East Asia. You and Tina were absolutely wonderful. I truly appreciate all that you did to make the trip a success."
-Deborah Costa, Palo Alto CA
Associate Manager, Stanford Travel/Study

"Tina and John worked well together. Both made this trip the best ever. This was an outstanding expedition. John and Tina are to be commended. They were both great! "
-Michael Kappa, Cleves, OH
National geographic Expeditions

Dear John,

We will always treasure the wonderfully informative and humorous lectures which of course were most helpful in aiding us in a better understanding of that most interesting part of the world.

Most sincerely,

Ruth & Gerry Stober

Your knowledge and passion shine through and I am grateful to you for sharing it all with us!
Dianne Wallace

"Thanks John. Evaluations have been very positive and we truly appreciate your professionalism."

-James V. Bullard, Director
National Geographic Travel Services
"John Freedman did a great job.
-Professor Peter Duus, Stanford CA
Stanford Alumni Association Study Leader
A big thank you for your wonderful
lectures - insightful, thought-provoking, informative and fun. You packed so much in! You really added a great deal to our understanding of the Asian destinations we enjoyed together.
Paul & Barbara Priestly

" We were fortunate to have an extremely capable leader in Dr. John Freedman."
-Kay Stodd RN
U.S. Exchanges
"John was first class in every way!"
-John Latona Laredo, TX
National Geographic Expeditions
"Once again, many thanks for your inspirational leadership!"
-Dee & Bob Topol, Mamaroneck, NY
American Museum of Natural History
Discovery Tours

"John Freedman's lectures were a great addition to the cruise!"

- Robert Czepiel

"It was so great to meet you and Tina, and we really enjoyed all of your lectures."

-Joan & Chris Chandler

Los Angeles, CA 

Dear John,
Many thanks for being such a wonderful guide to the fascinating worlds of Vietnam and Cambodia. 
We lucked out to get a leader so knowledgeable and fun!
-Dean Lizabeth Cohen
Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study

Thanks for an unforgettable adventure. looking forward to many more with you!
-Richard Perlman & Ellen Hanson
I have been fascinated by your lectures on Asia over the last two cruise segments. Thanks for adding immeasurably to my appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the wonderful ports we have visited!
Jim Cleary

"5 stars for John- He was fabulous - very knowledgeable about Vietnam and Cambodia. We loved him!! "

-Phil & Naomi McGinn, Napa, CA
National Geographic Expeditions

Hello John,
Thanks so much for the informative lectures! Very enjoyable too! I would like to compliment you on your style of presentation. You created order out of very complex material, and I found each lecture quite fascinating and learned so much. 
Many thanks and kind regards,
-Karel Tepper
Victoria, Australia

"Thanks to THE BEST LECTURER WE'VE EVER HAD ON ANY TRIP - the most remarkably knowledgeable and articulate Dr. John Freedman. The country's history came to life."
-Monique Bondeux's Travel Blog
Brazilian Adventure

"Thank you for making our cruise so much more interesting because of your lectures. You were the highlight! 
-Geni Tse
South China Sea Explorer

"My husband and I had the extreme pleasure of taking advantage of all yor lectures while we cruised from Hong Kong to Beijing. We can't recall ever having a better speaker and we plan to tell everyone how much your lectures, photos, and reading/viewing suggestions added to our experience. Looking forward to another cruise with you someday!
Susan & Oljn Repic

Your seminars were WONDERFUL!! 
Thank you,

KUDOS to Dr. John Freedman for his destination lectures. Don't miss these important events held throughout the cruise.
-Marty Trencher
Grand Asia Cruise
"The one thing that made this trip SPECIAL was the extra information and enthusiasm provided by John Freedman!! From the Tokyo fish market to info on sushi, sake tasting, or Japan's medical health care system, he made the trip that much more interesting and informative."
- David Beeman, Amelia Island, FL

Stanford Alumni Association



"The energy and excitement at your Cuba lecture was infectious. You really hit the jackpot. That has to be one of the very finest programs we have ever had. Many thanks for your hard work- much appreciated."
- Robert Kirk , President

World Affairs Council


Thank you for all the great lectures on Silversea. You were a highlight of the trip.

I'm sure you are in high demand, and we would love to know about other trips 

where you are featured.

Thanks again and best regards,

-Christine Strandquist & Bruce Artwick


Dr. Freedman has the most attendance at his lectures and he always receives extraordinary feedback. He received many comments about his excellence. 

Guests' comments mentioned "More Dr. Freedman!"- that alone says it all.

A real gem. No technical issues.

He will be highly missed, as he is one of the best lecturers I have ever encountered.

-Evaluation by Cruise Director, 2022

"Dr. Freedman, I wish to thank you very sincerely for your wonderful and captivating presentation. The group went home absolutely astonished and very grateful for all you gave them. You easily rank number one among the many speakers."

-Antonia Killian

Santa Rosa, CA

"Well prepared and a consummate professional who shared his knowledge and passion with others. Great to work with. "

-Gordon Marsh

World Leaders Travel
Director of International Programs

" My wife and I have traveled on at least a dozen foreign tours and have not seen John's equal for competence, intelligence, and responsibility.  He was always there with wisdom and graciousness."

-John T. Boyer, MD, Tucson, AZ
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours

" John Freedman was knowledgeable and articulate, patient, and able to pull together the many strands of varied knowledge of the group. You could not have made a better choice."

-Bernice Carton, New York, NY

American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours

" We thoroughly your enjoyed your lectures on the Mayans!

Many thanks,

Kevin & Nancy Corrigan

“Barry and I would like to thank you. 

You are such a positive, upbeat person - 

the perfect temperament for a leader.”

Brenda Altschul, Framingham, MA

 MIT Alumni Association

" Barry and I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance during the two weeks we spent together. You are such a positive, upbeat person- the perfect temperament for a leader ! "

-Brenda Altschul, Framingham, MA

MIT Alumni Association

" Barry and I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance during the two weeks we spent together. You are such a positive, upbeat person- the perfect temperament for a leader ! "

-Brenda Altschul, Framingham, MA

MIT Alumni Association

" Many thanks for your most enthusiastic spirit about Japan and all things Japanese, especially its exotic foods and sake. Your excellent leadership and fun spirit added great enjoyment to our trip."

-Pat and Phil Jelley, Oakland, CA

Smithsonian Journeys

Your talks are wonderful and enlightening!
Thank you,
Judy Barker

"Steve and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful adventure. We wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all the effort you put into the trip. The trip was successful because of you."

-Rebecca Lalonde, RN

Santa Rosa, CA

"I want to pay special tribute to John Freedman. It was a wonderful trip and he helped make it so."

-Janet Cover

Frederick, MD

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Thanks again to you and Tina for everything- The trip was awesome- I enjoyed every minute of it - and it would not have been possible without your and Tina's hard work, conscientiousness, good humor, and love of Japan."
-Julie Davidson, New York, NY
Assistant Director of Operations
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours

I want to thank you for your interesting lectures and personal attention.  These were highlights of the adventure.  I so much relate to your mantra that travel, history and exposure to other cultures enrich life experiences and open so many doors to understanding. 

Thanks again ... 

Scott J

"Don and I enjoyed your knowledge, experience, wit, and willingness to share on our recent Silver Shadow cruise, and we came away truly enriched by the experience!
Grateful thanks and best regards,
Jean & Don Twiner

"Your lectures were definitely 'value added' - and I want to thank you personally for making the cruise even better."

- Michael Stowell

"This cruise was materially and substantively enhanced by your presence, and I hope our paths cross again."

-Henry F
Regent Seven Seas Voyager

"Thank you for your EXCELLENT lectures. We enjoyed them immensely.
With kind regards,
Kate & Robin

"John kept it all on track."

-Peter Boyne, Springfield, MA
Smithsonian Journeys

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your leadership and your efforts in making the trip run so very smoothly. Your willingness and patience to accommodate the diverse professional and personal interests of the delegation participants were simply remarkable."

-Gopal Krishna, MD

Indianapolis, IN

"John, We were very much impressed with your extensive knowledge of Japan, your enthusiasm, and your sense of humor. Many tour members made the same observations to us about your contribution. We hope to cross paths with you again."
-Professor David Young
National Trust for Historic Preservation

" John, I heard great things about your Vietnam program - thank you for being such an effective and charismatic leader!"
-Leslie Rose, Director of Tour Managers
High Country Passage Educational Tours
San Francisco, CA

Dear John,

Bravo! Your lectures have each been a tour de force and so much appreciated - Thank you!

Safe travels and happy cruising to you and Tina from Charles and me.

All best,

Alison Skene

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful leadership of the Smithsonian trip to Japan. Your good humor, tact, and flexibility added immeasurably to the experience of a culture so different."
-Sharon Small, Kennett Suare, PA
Smithsonian Journeys
"John was first class all the time. He worked very hard and made everything look seamless."
-Chuck & Susan Schellinger Mount Pleasant, SC
National Geographic Expeditions
"John made the trip enjoyable - we cannot say enough good things about John!"
-Don & Jane Ilfeld
National Geographic Expeditions

"We enjoyed traveling with you - your passion for Japan is contagious! I hope we will have the chance to travel with you again."
-Joan & Paul Gluck, Miami FL
Smithsonian Journeys

Your sense of adventure is inspiring! Thanks so much for your many kindnesses and going way out to give us a truly memorable experience.
- Barbara and Peter Blackman
Harvard Alumni Travel

Dear John,
We are so grateful to you for a job well done. Your lectures were so informative and articulate.  As a group leader you were so sensitive to everyone's needs. Your site commentary was immeasurably valuable for our learning on the trip. Thank you.
Robert & Lynn Goren
Haravrd Alumni Travel
Great trip! You were an important reason for its success and memorability. Hope we catch you again.
Ed & Jay
Asia Transpacific Journeys
So grateful for your vast local knowledge, deft stewardship and grace under pressure!
Perry Hewitt
Chief Technology Officer
Harvard University
My husband and I have enjoyed your presentations on the Amazon and Brazil immensely! Your engaging lectures and knowledge of history come through each and every session. Thanks so much for taking time to share your passion with us.
-Marijke Merrick

“John Freedman is the best. Every detail was perfect and well-organized. His lectures on Vietnam were excellent. I would take another trip with John and Tina anytime -  they are super-extraordinaire.”

-Gisele Vogentanz

National Geographic Expeditions

Don and I enjoyed your knowledge, experience, wit, and willingness to share on our recent Silver Shadow cruise, and we came away truly enriched by the experience!
Grateful thanks and best regards,
Jean & Don Twiner

The lectures you presented were extraordinarily interesting, entertaining and informative.

If you decide to market the recordings, I am interested. Thank you.

Doug P

Regent Seven Seas Navigator

Thoroughly enjoyed your talk on the Mekong River - a treasure trove of information! Thank you so much.

Jane F 

Thanks for your very informative lectures. You certainly know your subject matter extremely well!!!

Tom M

I thoroughly enjoyed your in-depth and exceptionally well-presented lectures. 
You are indeed a scholar who takes his presentations quite seriously. 
Hope to cross paths again!
Warmest wishes,
Bob Kravetz

"George and I wanted to write and let you know how delighted we were with our recent trip to Cuba.  Your information was invaluable. It was up to date, thorough, and delivered in an easily absorbable manner. Your Q and A was fun, and there was always in-depth back up for those who wished to learn more.  In short, John, you made the trip great and we thank you. We very much hope that we have the opportunity of traveling with you again. So please keep us on your list of notice of other trips."
Jane Goodman, Birmingham, MI
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours

LOVED your lectures- 
You are not only talented and knowledgeable but you know how to relate challenging information to a diverse audience. 
You provided me with new perspectives - Thanks.
Wayne Lerner
Silver Shadow, Tokyo to Singapore

Thank you so much from the front row!! 
We have joined your fan club and sincerely thank you for the enrichment of our trip!
David & Jackie from New York

"John- You were a super leader - one we will always remember."
-Jet & Kitt Rutter, Newport Beach, CA
National Geographic Expeditions
"Thank you again for making the trip so extraordinary for everyone involved. Your giving nature and enthusiasm for all things Japanese are incredibly perfect and I can't imagine how anything could come off so well without you. It's always been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you again."
-Linnea Peterson, Operations Manager, Japan Tours
High Country Passage Educational Travel
"We wanted to tell you how special you made the trip for us - you added a great deal of substance to the experience."
-Karen Rabin, San Francisco, CA
Smithsonian Journeys
"I enjoyed the trip and how much you added to it. Your enthusiasm and knowledge added a great deal to the trip."
-John Swan, West Chester, PA
Smithsonian Journeys
"We have been acquainted with Dr. John Freedman for several years. He has led several professional delegations to Cuba as part of the U.S. Department of State's Support For the Cuban People Program. Dr. Freedman has extensive experience in group leadership and international travel. His performance was outstanding in every regard. He is extremely well-organized, exercises excellent judgment, has excellent leadership skills, and works very well with people. He knows how to handle himself and the people in the group diplomatically, especially if challenges arise, as they frequently do in travel situations. We highly recommend him."
-Dr. Robert Everett - President & CEO, U.S. Exchanges
"John absolutely made our trip!"
-Jodi Mader, Santa Cruz, CA
National Geographic Expeditions

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