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Hello Dr. Freedman,
We have enjoyed so much your informative and wonderfully presented lectures.
They've added an invaluable dimension to our cruise experience.
Thanks so much and kind regards,
Janet & Charles R
John, I was totally enthralled by every one of your lectures. 
Other lecturers can't hold a candle to your presentation skills 
and your ability to distill information into such interesting and entertaining packets.
You have a gift, and it is such a pleasure to have been exposed to you  
 Allan L
Oceania Insignia World Cruise - Cape Town to Miami
Dear John,
Thank you for the informative lectures and all your sharing. 
We thoroughly enjoyed this as the high point of this cruise!
Thank you, 
Hal & Marsha Lou Thicksten
Orange County, CA
        WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO
Dr.John Freedman - Scholar At Sea® 
is an independent Global Studies scholar and highly sought-after Guest Lecturer who brings travel destinations alive with scholarly, entertaining, and richly-illustrated presentations exploring the history, geography, physical and cultural anthropology, natural beauty, and dynamic current affairs of fascinating destinations worldwide. He has explored over 160 countries on 7 continents and has lived, worked, and studied in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition, 'Dr. John' traveled extensively throughout the developing world for over 20 years as a medical volunteer and project leader for a non-profit charity which he founded, Medical Exchange International.

A graduate of Brown University and Yale Medical School, he is noted for his breadth and depth of knowledge and his abiding passion for travel and teaching. His capacious lecture portfolio of over 250 lectures has been described as 'food for the intellectual omnivore'. He has received high accolades from sophisticated travelers, luxury cruise operators, and educational tour companies over the past 20 years and is a frequently featured Enrichment Lecturer and Destination Lecturer on premium cruise ships and riverboats worldwide. See Dr. John's Schedule to get a feeling for the scope of his current work in the educational travel sector. 

Dr. Freedman has extensive experience as both an Expedition Leader and an invited Expert Lecturer on travel programs sponsored by the industry's leading educational travel operators including National Geographic Expeditions, Smithsonian Journeys, Yale Educational TravelLindblad Expeditions, Asia Transpacific Journeys, American Museum of Natural History Study Tours, Ponant, Seabourn, Silversea, Regent, Oceania, Viking and other luxury expedition cruise lines. He has an extraordinary ability to share his knowledge and passion with others in a vivid, engaging, and inspiring way that is highly customized to directly relate to the traveler's ongoing experience. 

Dr. Freedman retired from his career in medicine in 2014, after 34 years in clinical practice and 25 years as a department Chair, in order to devote himself full-time to his lifelong avocation and passion for travel and travel-related education. 

Dr. John Freedman

Scholar At Sea® 

Enriching the educational travel experience for all 

through highly informative and entertaining presentations,  


robust engagement with both trip participants and the local culture. 


to the travel experience since 1999

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Tina Freedman 

is a lifelong inveterate travel enthusiast with a degree in Travel Management from Michigan State University and a wealth of experience leading educational travel programs worldwide. She provides invaluable research assistance and editing skills which contribute to our very refined lecture product. Tina brings additional value with her photography skills as well as he knowledge of gastronomy and enology through her years of experience in the hospitality industry in the Sonoma wine country where John and Tina have made their home since 1989.


Dear John,

You lectured, I enjoyed. You gave so much, John!

Thanks for sharing your expertise and passion.

Best to you,

Bryan L

Smithsonian Journeys - Japan & South Korea

Dr. John, We want to thank you for being such a fantastic speaker
and providing such wonderful context for our travels!
Dean & Joe H


Excellent lectures! Very knowledgeable and very interesting!

Holly & Jim Hill


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Dear John, 

We had the DELIGHTFUL opportunity to attend ALL of your 

"Scholarship at Sea" lectures during our 16-day Southeast Asia cruise. 

We have already reflected positive comments on your lectures on our survey, 

and we are looking forward to more on future cruises!


Bob & Gayle Murphy


Dear Dr. Freedman,

Thank you so much for your excellent, knowledgeable, and well-delivered enrichment lectures. Your talks greatly enhanced our travel experience. 

You opened up new avenues of study for us - Thank you.

Roy & Carol Rogers

Thanks so much for the many great talks that helped make our trip so interesting. 
We didn't miss one of them. We look forward to another trip soon. 
Eileen and I enjoyed meeting you and Tina! 
All the best,
John & Eileen Leo
West Hartford, CT  
Dear Dr. Freedman,
We thoroughly enjoyed your lectures throughout Southeast Asia. 
Please forward me your recommendations for movies and books 
that you often referred to in your lectures. Thanks again for enriching our cruise!
Betty & Dick Moore

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